Art Therapy!

I’ve never seen myself as much of an artist. I loved to draw, color, paint, etc. as a child but I stopped as I got older and thought I wasn’t a very good artist.
When I first was at TK, I went to the art therapy group and rediscovered a love of art and a realization that art can truly be for anyone. It was something that I finally felt I didn’t have to be perfect at because I was just expressing myself. This was a new concept for me, and it’s been so important for me and my recovery. It was one of my first moments where I was able to let go of some of my perfectionism and just enjoy creating something.
The first two paintings posted here are ones I worked on at TK. The first one is based on the value of honesty and the second on my love of expression through painting and music.
The third painting is based in part of my recovery journey. It reads, “even in the darkest times I was still there.” To me, this means that even when the disorders and addictions seemed to take over, I was still present and the mental illness never truly took away who I was and am.
The fourth painting is a work in progress. It’s my most current painting, and I’ve been playing around more with textures and using different tools such as sponges and various types of brushes. It’s a lot of fun!






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