Recovery/Inspiration Playlist!

Alright, I LOVE music. Like, I-would-marry-it-if-I-could sort of love. It’s an obsession, lifestyle and something I couldn’t live without. Music has been a huge part of my recovery for me. It makes me smile to listen to an uplifting and empowering song! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites 🙂 The titles are all made into links so you can listen to the songs on YouTube.

  1. Brave by Sara Bareilles – Ok, most people who know me well enough, know I have an OBSESSION with Sara. This song has a fun energy, inspiring lyrics and the music video is so fun! Without planning it, I wore my “I want to see you be brave” shirt my first day of PHP at IDC, and I didn’t even notice until my therapist pointed it out later on. I guess that I knew I needed a little inspiration to be brave that day 🙂
  2. Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings – This song kept me going through some tough times. The lyrics may seem cliche when they say to “keep breathing, ” but sometimes that is honestly all that we can actually manage to do. We have to just take another breath and hope that the morning will be a little brighter.
  3. Details in The Fabric by Jason Mraz ft. James Morrison – This has been a go-to song for me for quite some time now. A camp counselor L introduced it to me following my very first breakup. The lyrics and melody are soothing and comforting when your heart is broken (for any reason) and sometimes you just need that reassurance you’ll make it through.
  4. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift – Alright, alright…so I know someone out there is probably laughing at this choice, but I put this on here because this song makes you want to dance and have fun. Plus, sometimes we just have to shake off the blues!
  5. Recover by Natasha Bedingfield – This song is gorgeous. Natasha’s voice sounds amazing, and the lyrics are so pertinent to recovery. It talks about the journey of recovery and how we all will recover in the end. It’s just beautiful.
  6. Try by Colbie Caillat – ES used to always play this in yoga, and I totally love the message of this song. We all can feel pressure to be perfect and this song reminds us that we can just be ourselves 🙂 It talks about whether you like yourself, at the end of the day, when you’re alone. Because that’s the most important thing…being true to who WE want to be.
  7. Beautiful Girl by Sara Bareilles – You had to have known I’d sneak another Sara song in here, didn’t you? I really love this one, and its message is wonderful. It talks about seeing the beauty in ourselves and how we have to be the ones to see our beauty first. I’ve linked the live version because Sara’s voice is perfection and sounds best live 🙂
  8. Fight Song by Rachel Platten – This song is my recent obsession! I can’t stop replaying it. It’s just so catchy, and it makes me want to dance around and declare that I AM A FIGHTER!
  9. Who Says by Selena Gomez – …’s a throwback! I know. But it’s also got lyrics about self-love and has a wonderfully positive vibe. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good things about it.
  10. Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles – Give me a break…I did say at the beginning of this post that I’m obsessed with Sara. This song is honestly so gorgeous, though. The lyrics touch me so deeply and mean a lot to me. If you’ve ever felt alone, late at night, then listen to this song, and its message that there’s someone out there who cares and is looking out for you.

That’s just a quick list of 10 of the songs I love. If I come across others, I really like I’ll post them. Check these ones out because they have great messages.


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