Introducing Pepper!

Some people have “normal” pets like cats and dogs. And, a cat is living at my house. She’s my brother’s, but she is currently living with us. When it comes to personal pets, however, I have something a little bit different! 🙂

My little baby is a chinchilla! His 1st birthday was in late July, so he is still quite young. He is a standard grey chinchilla, and I’ve owned him since he was around two months old.

Chinchillas definitely have distinct personalities and can be very entertaining. Pepper is not at all timid, and our cat is the one scared of pepper instead of the other way around! He loves to sit on your head, chew things he’s not supposed to like my therapy homework (I’ll admit that doesn’t bother me that much..hah) and cell phone case, and adamantly try to climb straight up walls even though that’s physically impossible.

As long as they are kept happy and healthy, chinchillas have longer lifespans than most other rodents, living 15-20 years. He’s a bit easier to care for than something like a dog since he lives in his cage, but he’ll still be around with me for a while, and that’s awesome. Spending time with him is definitely a great coping skill for days I’m feeling particularly depressed or am struggling. He’s a great little buddy for me 🙂
So…here’s some cute pictures of my baby 🙂

Pepper on the day I got him. He was so tiny!

Me and Pepper

Pepper doing one of his favorite activities…chewing something!

One of my favorite pictures of him

And lastly a picture with his aunt LCM



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