I'M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH TREATMENT! As of Thursday, I have graduated from IDC. And, most likely, my last treatment program! Alright, I'll say last, because I'm going to make it my last, by working hard at this! IDC does a really amazing thing on your last day. You get to choose what's for lunch, and … Continue reading I’m DONE!


Beginning of the End

In Lord of The Rings, Gandalf speaks of how death is another adventure vs. being the ultimate end of something. Obviously, I'm not dying (yay!), but I'm still thinking about how the end of my time in IDC's program is a new beginning. New beginnings are scary but also exciting. I'm about to start a … Continue reading Beginning of the End


Alright, I am so excited to finally get to say this...next week is my final week of treatment!!! Yeahhhhhhh!! *pops champagne popper* *dances on table* *screams* This is, most likely, the most momentous occasion of my life...so far. It's more important to me than graduating high school, and high school was my personal version of … Continue reading Transitions!