The Next Great American Novel

I spent some time exploring the cubby hole in my room today…and I found some gems. One of my favorite things I found was an old Language Arts notebook from fourth or fifth grade. So, I thought I would share one of my masterpieces. It’s about a duck! I’m not going to edit it at all so enjoy my terrible grammar and lack of quotations marks.

Once there was a duck named Marty. Marty was a very happy duck until one day the evil worm from the underworld showed up and ate Marty’s ice cream. Then picked up Marty and put him in a birdcage. Maty (yes, I did spell it this way) began to cry when a big moose came and said hi Marty what are you doing in there. The evil worm put me in here said Marty sadly well come on and the moose unlocked the door and all the sudden steps appeared and then began to climb them and when the came to the end there was a flash of light and they were gone (what is this sentence…? I apparently cared about grammar).
The end.

As you can see, I was quite a talented author when I was 9! Hopefully, you enjoyed my talent and appreciate my impressive writing skills.


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