The Best Moment (so far) of My Life

I tried to write this post several times over the weekend. I couldn’t finish it because the first time I got too emotional and the following times, I felt like I couldn’t find the exact words. So, here goes nothing.

Friday night, I had the absolute greatest moment of my entire life. My favorite singer-songwriter, Sara Bareilles had a book talk/signing in Illinois, so my dad graciously agreed to drive me to go see her. Her book came out a few days before the day I saw her. Her book is named Sounds Like Me: My Life (so far) in Song. Yes, I have finished it already, and it’s spectacular.

In other words, I MET SARA BAREILLES! *dies from excitement and happiness*

I’ve been a fan of Sara for a while, and I definitely listened to Love Song back in 2007 when it was super popular. But, I became a huge fan of hers during college. My sophomore year, Sara went on tour, and she came to Ohio, where I was attending school at the time. Her concert happened to be over my fall break, so my parents drove to pick me up and see her concert. It was i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. and I absolutely loved every minute of the show.

I got to see her a second time, with my best friend LCM, July 2014 during Sara’s Little Black Dress tour. It was such an amazing show. Going with my best friend made the experience so special. It was even cooler sharing the moment with her. Sara did a cover of Sia’s Chandelier, and it was stunning.

I’ve been dreaming about meeting Sara for such a long time now. She is a huge inspiration for me. Her voice is one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve ever heard, and her music is so moving. She has several songs that have helped me get through many dark moments. Her music is so powerful, and her lyrics are profound and moving. I am incredibly thankful for her music.

Sara spoke for around an hour about her book and then they began lining people up for the book signing *cue anxiety* I was so ridiculously excited and a giant bundle of nerves. I had decided while sitting in the audience, that I wanted to share my recovery with her when I met her. Finally, it was my turn to meet her. I handed my book to the woman helping Sara out. I shook Sara’s hand, (and almost died because omg did I just touch Sara? Is this actually happening? Am I dreaming?) and then while she signed my book I told her how I’m recovering from an eating disorder. I told her how much her music has helped me through my recovery. She finished signing my book and then handed it back to me. As I was going to pick it up, she grabbed my hand tightly and looked me straight in the eye. She briefly spoke to me, and I had one of the most important conversations of my life. I’m not going to share what she said because it means so much to me and I want to keep it my personal experience.
I can tell you, I would never go up to any other stranger famous or not and tell them about my eating disorder. Sara didn’t feel like a stranger at all to me, however. She made me feel like, at that moment, she legitimately cared about what I was saying. She made it feel like we were the only people in the room at that moment. It meant the world to me, and I’m honestly never going to forget the way she looked at me. She was just so incredibly encouraging of me and my recovery. That means the world to me.

So, that’s the condensed story of the greatest moment (so far) of my life. I’m so grateful it happened, and I will never forget the experience.


4 thoughts on “The Best Moment (so far) of My Life

  1. Wannie says:

    Wow! I’m so jealous that you actually had a good conversation with Sara. When I met her yesterday on her book signing, I was freaking out that I wasn’t able to tell her the things that I wanted to tell her. I wrote her a love letter though. Her music has become the soundtrack of my life, too…


    • lilyoco says:

      I’m glad you got to meet her, too :)! She is sooooooo inspiring and her book was beautiful. And as far as your convo with her…meeting her is what matters at the end of the day 🙂


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