I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH TREATMENT! As of Thursday, I have graduated from IDC. And, most likely, my last treatment program! Alright, I’ll say last, because I’m going to make it my last, by working hard at this!

IDC does a really amazing thing on your last day. You get to choose what’s for lunch, and that was fun. I was glad to have a guarantee of a meal I’d enjoy, for my last day, and people said I’d made a nice pick. Thanks, guys 🙂 haha. Then during the meal, people are given a chance to go around and speak any words they’d like to say to you.

And, wow! Just, wow. I am so blessed, to have spent time with so many amazing people, and I’m going to miss them dearly. Everyone said such kind things to me, and I’ll admit to you all, I’m tearing up thinking about it. One of my friends, who I’d met my first time at IDC, even asked to come!

Some of the comments, made me laugh a lot, like when J said, “I honestly didn’t even know if you talked when you first came.” It’s a running joke with the staff and myself because I was very nervous/shy when I was first at IDC, and I hardly ever talked. And then my dietitian BC, said “I didn’t get to know you when you didn’t talk but…” hahaha. Kind of funny, since everyone now knows, I LOVE to talk, and I’m definitely one of the most talkative there.

My therapist, AAC, cried while speaking to/about me, and I’m SO glad that I’ll still be working with her. It definitely means so much, knowing how proud she is of me and my progress! BM wasn’t able to be there, but I saw her in the morning since she was the yoga instructor that day. I had a pretty incredible “Goodbye” with her. She could easily win an award for her hugs! She’s been one of my biggest supports, and I’m so glad that I’ll still see her around.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day on Thursday, and I definitely won’t forget it. IDC is basically the most amazing place in the world. It most definitely saved my life. Without that place, I honestly do wonder if I would even be alive. I have infinite gratitude. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me to this point, and will continue to support me onward. I have a lot more work to do, and it’s definitely still going to be really hard, but I know I’ve got an amazing support system.



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