So, being in the hospital/treatment center (but especially the hospital) is NO fun. However, some people make that situation a little bit better. These people are the amazing nurses that I’ve met. One of my favorites, D, from my first time at TK has been a huge supporter of my recovery.
I had a particularly challenging time at TK my first time around, and D really helped me pull through during my rough nights. She would always tell me to think about what I’m grateful for. She told me that whenever I am struggling, going through a hard time, or feel like giving up, I should write down or think of a list. To be honest, at that point, I struggled to think of anything at all. Things seemed that desperately bleak and painful. She would tell me what she was grateful for each day. One I remember, in particular, is her gratitude for fuzzy socks 🙂
Things have been a bit thought recently, with how I’ve been feeling, my motivation, etc. so I’m going to follow D’s example. Here are things I am grateful for –
1. My closest friends LCM and EH. These girls are essentially my sisters, and I couldn’t live without my best friends!

2. The strong, beautiful, courageous, inspiring, and resilient women I have met through my time at TK and IDC. Thank you for helping me stay strong on my toughest days and for loving me even when you’ve seen me at my worst.

3. Specifically, my TK/IDC friend MB. Like I said, you’ve been a rock to me through this experience and have helped me get through so much.

4. All my loved ones for giving me SO much support.

5. My family, they’ve given so much of their time, money, support, love, hard work, etc. into helping me get treatment. This has been a long journey for all of us.

6. Pepper 🙂 that little guy makes me smile every day and he’s there when no one else is. Plus, he’s so fluffy!

7. My therapist AAC, my current dietitian BC, my former dietitians ES, AS, and LM, and BM for giving me an infinite amount of support and encouragement.

8. Living in a safe, comfortable, beautiful home with electricity, heating, running water, comfy bed, more clothes than I need, etc.

9. Being healthy.

10. God and his unending love for me.

Alright, that was 10 “serious” things. So here’s 10 more things that are random/silly-
1. Harry Potter.

2. Raspberry Greek yogurt.

3. My opportunity to meet Sara Bareilles (duh)

4. My iPhone

5. Bubble baths (uh oh it’s getting chilly…I may need to go buy some Lush bath bombs and bubble bars!)

6. The “screaming goat” videos. Haha, I’m literally laughing out loud, right now, just thinking about them. They are just so hilarious to me.

7. Giraffes and otters.

8. Office supply stores.

9. Painting.

10. And yes, D, fuzzy socks 🙂

And a little inspiration from Pooh


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