Bring the Rain – MercyMe

**Random fun fact, usually I write my blog posts while supervising Pepper’s playtime. I have to watch him, or he’ll tear the whole house apart with his little teeth. Turns out, chinchillas feet can be detected by an iPad! He’s opened apps, typed things, and once almost deleted an entire post!**

I’m thinking a little bit more of making a tentative blogging schedule. I would plan on certain types of posts on certain things to keep things consistent. One day could be recovery updates, another opinion pieces, another inspiration, and so on. We’ll see. I’m not sure yet, though, but I’ll keep you updated on it.

This post is a faith related one. If that isn’t your thing then hold on for more posts coming your way soon 🙂

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Alright, now where for the real post. It’s a Sunday, so I thought it was an appropriate day for a more spiritual/faith related post. Recently, thanks to EH, I’ve become a big fan of the Christian band MercyMe. They have amazing music and it’s so inspiring. I like to listen to them in the mornings, while I’m getting ready, to start of my day in a positive direction or at night as a way to wind down.

One of my current favorites is their song Bring the Rain. Listen to it here if you’d like. I’m not going to put the full lyrics in this post for space.

The beginning of this song talks about loving God despite out trials and challenges. I’ve been through a lot in this year and a half. It’s been extremely painful and has broken me down so many times. Some days I have wanted to give up and give in to my disorders/addictions. So how do I keep going? I keep going by drawing closer not farther away from God at these times. That isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to feel God’s love during our struggles. We can find ourselves questioning the world, our situation, etc.

The above picture features part of the lyrics to this beautiful song. Praising the Lord during our good times can be easy. We can easily see his Love and blessings. In the dark times, we can feel alone. Currently, in my personal life, I am trying to see these times as God’s gifts to me. Wait? What’s that? How can challenges be gifts?! 

Our challenges are gifts because at the end of them we can turn to God and say, “I see you were still there for me. I see you gave me strength to continue on”. Challenges are gifts from Him because He wants to show us that he is ALWAYS there. Not just in the good moments, but always 🙂


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