Tips For Surviving Thanksgiving – Help From Proud2Bme &

New layout for the blog! I think it should be easier to find posts this way…I’m still playing with it. But, I am loving the ability to customize it with fun backgrounds, etc. I’ll admit that I am pretty excited for a Christmas background 🙂

Yesterday, my post was some personal thoughts during a moment of panic. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and for someone recovering from an ED…it’s one of the most challenging days of the year. It can be stressful with social situations, food, being busy, etc.

In the past few days, several of the recovery based twitters, FB’s, Instagrams, etc. have posted some great tips on coping with the holidays. Their ideas are detailed and definitely helpful. You can check them out here:


Proud2Bme “5 Ways to Shut Down Body Bashing This Holiday Season” “6 Tips For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner” and “8 Tips to Avoid a Binge This Thanksgiving” 


Give these a look, check out their ideas, and spend a bit of time making a game plan for tomorrow. In the moment, it can be really challenging to think of what to do. You may feel silly or self conscious for this…but don’t be afraid to even write down your plan and take it with you. Your phone’s note app could also be a great place to put some ideas!

Spend some time being grateful for the good in your life!

Also, you can tweet using the hashtag #thx4support on the 26th and connect with support/resources to help you through the day.

Hang in there, everyone! You’ve got this!



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