Fun Blog Stats!

One of WordPress’s cool features is that they have a great stats system. I can easily see the demographics of my readers, see which posts get the most hits, see which time and days posts are read, etc!

My favorite feature is seeing where my readers are from! So, I thought I would share that with y’all (no…I’m not southern. I live in the midwest area) where my readers are from. Honestly, I thought just a few friends would read my posts. I am excited, proud and grateful that worldwide readers exist.

Most readers are from the USA and that makes sense since the majority of my FB friends are American. My posts automatically go onto my FB, twitter (LilyOcO16) and tumblr. Then, I have readers from the UK, Canada, Thailand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The rest of my readers are spread throughout the world. Italy, Finland, Brazil, Norway, Serbia, Phillipines, Singapore, Argentina, France, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

It’s fun to see where readers are from! Thank you, everyone, for actualy reading my blog 🙂 Y’all are great!


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