Bucket List

For a long time, I never imagined my life separate from my ED, depression, anxiety, and former trauma. I had trouble dreaming of a life where I could explore life and adventure. These days…I am learning that my life is much more than the story of living with OSFED/Anorexia for many years. I am beginning to discover amazing things about myself.

I have dreams and aspirations. So, I thought I would write down a bucket list. For so long…my depression swallowed me up, but these days I can finally have hope of an amazing life free from an eating disorder.

  1. Get a bachelors, and masters degree in Social Work.
  2. Work at a therapist helping individuals with eating disorders and addiction
  3. Travel to Korea where I was born
  4. Go sky diving
  5. Learn how to lead climb with rock climbing
  6. Learn how to speak Italian
  7. Publish some sort of book, article, etc.
  8. Travel to Italy, and enjoy food the way I want
  9. Give a talk at one of my former treatment centers about recovery
  10. Run a 5K and then a half marathon
  11. Have children
  12. Go to a yoga retreat
  13. Volunteer/even work at IDC
  14. Take an improv class just for fun
  15. Fall in love

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