You Are NO Exception To The Rule

One of my favorite lessons that I have learned through my recovery journey is the concept that “there are no exceptions to the rules” I was introduced to this idea during my time at IDC. One of my mentors/yoga therapists/favorite human beings BM challenged me to think of the nature of how this idea could play into my life.

We all have things that we believe about the world. For instance, I believe that every human being deserves love, deserves respect, is beautiful, is worthwhile, and so on. If I believe this about every human being, and am a human being, then, therefore, I must also deserve love, deserve respect, am beautiful, and worthwhile. I am not an exception to the rule. It took me a long time to really understand, and then consequentially use this idea in my life, and I have found that it requires practice. I was stubborn against the idea that my perception of myself as worthless could be incorrect. I was constantly saying, “It’s just me. I’m the only worthless one, rule”” and BM would consistently challenge me that “You can’t be an exception to the rule.”

The idea definitely challenged me at first. I believed so strongly that all humans were worthwhile. Additionally, I also felt that I was entirely worthless. I wrestled with the idea of how these could both be true if I truly was not an exception to the rules. The conclusion I came to was that did/do truly believe that all humans have worth. I truly do hold beliefs and values within myself. It was my eating disorder that was so intent on convincing me otherwise. The journey of self-love is a lifelong one, but I am grateful to have this nugget of truth as a reminder of my worth.

What rules do you believe about the world?

If those rules are true about everyone else than they are true about you as well! You, also, are a human being and you are not an exception to the rule.


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