A Slip is Not a Slide

I have been feeling my inspiration and hope again recently. I am being reminded that lows happen but highs can return. I am discovering more contentment with my challenges. Gratitude is exponential in my  life right now…I am feeling so blessed to be home for the holiday season. It is a truly wonderful thing to be gaining my life back from my struggles.

One of my wonderful therapists introduced a concept to me that has been a huge help to me. JD would always say, “a slip is not a slide” Her meaning to this was that throughout recovery slip-ups can happen. Recovery is not perfect and we can hit bumps along the way. I am a perfectionist, and many of my peers are often similar in personality. We struggle with feelings of failure when we resort back to a behavior.

A slip does not have to become a slide. When we find compassion for ourselves, and treat ourselves kindly post slip-ups, we can stop our behaviors from becoming a relapse. I struggle with black and white thinking. Often, I will spiral into thinking I have completely failed recovery if I slip-up. JD helped reframe this thinking.

Following a slip-up it is important to care for yourself. Taking the time to look at the cycle leading up to the behavior can be helpful. Think of how you would support a friend if they were in your shoes. Get support, whether it is from a therapist, dietitian, friend, family, support group, etc. Take care of yourself.

We have conscious choices in our recovery. We can choose to pick ourselves up and decide to fight again. Our progress is what matters. Challenge yourself to move forward and not look back so much. It isn’t easy…it’s a continual challenge for me but it becomes easier with time.



2 thoughts on “A Slip is Not a Slide

  1. LilacCrest says:

    Thank you for writing this blog – it really helps me to read things from the point of view of someone coming out the other end of an eating disorder as I am struggling to begin my recovery. You’re doing so well, keep going! Lil x

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