IISuperwomanII & The #GirlLove Challenge

One of my favorite Youtube creators, IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh, recently made a video on her channel where she collaborated with other popular female creators, including Pretty Little Liars celebrity Shay Mitchell, to make a video talking about girl-on-girl hate. As Youtube creators, all of the women featured within the video experience a significant amount of hate on a daily basis within Youtube comments, tweets, Instagram comments, etc.

Lilly’s goal of the video is simple. She asks viewers to share the video on social media and post a compliment to another woman with #GirlLove. 100% of the revenue that Lilly gets from the video will be donated to the Malala Fund. The Malala Fund, named after activist Malala Yousafzai, has a mission to assist girls in receiving education and to empower them.

Within the video, Lilly and her fellow Youtube creators talk about how a simple compliment can go so far. I think about how sometimes I can be having a really lousy day and then someone can give me a compliment that turns my whole day around. When I am feeling down about myself I can think back to the compliments I have received and it helps me feel better about myself. I even have a note on my phone with compliments others have given me and I will look at it when I need a little pick-me-up. It tastes a short moment to compliment someone and a small amount of effort. Yet, still too often so many of us will hate on other people without even thinking about it.

It can be really easy to get caught up in girl-on-girl hate when you are with others. Sometimes, you will be with a group of people and they begin to hate on someone and there can be a heavy amount of pressure to follow suit. It can feel really uncomfortable to speak up and ask the others to stop out of fear that they will turn on you as well. Sometimes, it can help to simply take a break from the conversation by excusing yourself, if you do not feel comfortable asking them to stop. Also, find some awesome friends that do not spread gossip and hate.

I could probably spend all day writing compliments to all of the amazing women in my life. One of my favorite things is to send my friends random text messages with compliments. It definitely makes me feel good to help them feel happy. Try it sometime! It is so fun to brighten someone’s day and it is effortless. However, to prevent making this post pages long, I am going to make a compliment to all women –

You are beautiful. You are beautiful beyond measure and beyond compare. We are told that our beauty comes from the inside and that is true…but I want you to know that that does not mean your outside is not beautiful. You deserve to feel pride in your outside, too, because your body is uniquely yours. Please, do not ever feel shame for loving your body. 

You are strong. The world can try to tear us apart, break us down, and it is not always an easy place to live. You are still here and you are still breathing. That is amazing. You deserve to recognize your own resiliency and be proud of it. No one else has been through your battles. Please, believe in yourself and how much you can survive through.

You are loved. Maybe you do not receive love from the places you want like your family or people around you. That does not mean that people do not love you. love you and I see your worth. We do not always receive the love we want, but that does not mean that our lives are entirely void of love. Please, remember that someone, somewhere, thinks that you are amazing. 



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