Blogging in 2016

Four months ago, towards the end of my time in PHP, I began writing on this blog. At the time, I started writing this blog on a whim and I had no idea what direction I wanted for it (I still really don’t). Currently, I am no longer in treatment but also not doing much with my time. Blogging has been fun, so far, and I am finding it to be a helpful tool for myself. A while ago, I talked about creating a schedule for my posts. I have been mulling over the idea for some time now and I think it is a good idea. Having a schedule for my blog will (hopefully) help me keep a better routine in my life overall.

I have been writing posts sporadically, typically writing and posting things on the same day, which leads to weeks with a lot of posts and other weeks with few. Right now, my plan is going to be to write 3-4 days a week. I will plan on posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then some other days, when I feel like it or on the weekends. Now that I am spending time outside of treatment I am looking at how I can expand what I write about and explore other topics.

Motivation Monday – My plans for Monday posts are tips/advice I use or have found helpful in recovery, motivation, inspiration, etc. Positive posts for starting the week off right 🙂

What I Think/Feel Wednesday – My plans for Wednesdays are going to be centered around mental health topics, opinions on various topics, etc. I assume that a lot of them will be about eating disorder awareness but I also want to expand my writing.

Freestyle Friday – My plans for Fridays are going to be more personal posts about my recovery and also my life in general.

Whatever Weekends or random day – I am sure that I will have times where I feel like writing or posts that do not fit into a category.


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