Quick Update!

Alright, this past week I have been using a new schedule. I sort of hate it…! The way I set it up was to post 3 days a week with an occasional weekend post. It is not working for me! I realized that 3 days a week is not enough for me. I love writing and I find it to be a lot of fun 🙂

I have found some helpful things from this week, though. Using WordPress’s option to schedule posts has made it really easy for me to not post 10 times in a row or nothing for a whole week. I also like the general idea of posting with topics/specified days. I am going to try and have a Monday-Friday schedule. It means having to come up with frequent…but I like the idea of being challenged that way. Once I get a job or go back to school I will scale back, but I am free as a bird right now.

Here’s the new Monday-Friday schedule

Motivation Monday – Monday will stay “Motivation Monday”, with posts about motivation, inspiration, etc. Hopefully it can help me (and maybe you) start the week off positively.

Tip Tuesday – Tuesdays will be tips/advice recovery, recovery resources, and maybe even some other “tips” unrelated to recovery

What I Think/Feel Wednesday – Wednesdays will also stay the same with posts centered about mental health topics, opinion of things, etc.

Thought Thursday – Ok. I will admit that “Thought Thursday” was the only name I could think of outside of “Thirsty Thursday” and that is not exactly recovery focused…

But, I am thinking that the idea of Thursdays posts will be the day while I can post about how things are going personally…or something like that. Obviously, I am not 100% sure! Ooops!

Fun Friday – Whooo fun! Haha, sorry for the dorky moment 🙂 This blog is titled lifeandrecovery and I want to focus on the life aspect more! I am excited about the idea of writing posts outside of my mental health/recovery ones


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