Sometimes Life Is Not Fun… – Fun Friday

Today should be my first “Fun Friday” post…but it is not going to be. Last night, I heard the news that someone I was at TK with passed away. I did not know this girl too closely because she and I were not at TK together for that long, but I did room with her for a couple of weeks. She was a wonderful roommate and an amazing artist. She was incredibly welcoming to me when I first got to TK and just a wonderful individual. I am not going to say anything else about it because of privacy reasons, but this has been difficult for many people in my life.

I will work on getting up a “Fun Friday” post this weekend, if I can manage. I know people who read this blog understand why I am not posting a normal post today. I would rather post this than a poorly written “Fun Friday” post when I am not feeling very fun. Thank you for understanding ❤

M – Godspeed my friend. You are so loved. RIP, beautiful.

For information on grief and loss –

For a great video on grief/loss by LMFT Kati Morton –


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