Special Snowflakes…Dealing with Comparison – Motivation Monday 

Oops, it took my a while to get this posted since I spaced on today being Monday, due to the holiday…:)

Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine about our mutual struggle with comparing ourselves to others. I will find myself comparing my body, weight, intelligence, personality, etc. to others more than I should. I do not struggle as frequently with comparison these days, but it still happens and it can bring down my mood and self esteem. Comparison is a common struggle and when it’s compounded with an eating disorder…it can be hell. There’s a quote that says, “comparison if the thief of joy” and it has been one of my favorites recently.

There is so much truth behind this quote. I know that when I put energy into comparing myself to someone else…well it does not help! Comparison typically turns into self-bashing/hate pretty quickly. I stop seeing all the good things about myself. And, technically I am not even comparing myself but simply self-hating! That does no good!

YOU ARE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE! Haha, I said this one day at IDC and ES thought it was hilarious so it has become a joke between us. However, it is actually true even if it is so cheesy. You truly are special, unique, and deserving of love. It is not always easy to see that about ourselves even if we constantly hear clichés about how we are all unique. I can not always see my differences as a good thing and it is certainly impossible to flip a switch and love myself immediately. However, I choose to focus on my uniqueness because it makes me happy to think about…well what makes me happy. I enjoy spending time being true to my authentic self and I feel more fulfilled when I do so.

Hang in there, you special snowflakes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Special Snowflakes…Dealing with Comparison – Motivation Monday 

  1. mariemathilda says:

    Hi, I really liked your post! When I was three years old, my mom sewed me a snowflake costume for a dress-up party. Since then I have been fascinated by the thought of being a snowflake. I wish I was one: falling softly from the sky bringing quiet and peace to my busy town… That being said, I do not think it is cheesy to say that you are a special snowflake 😉 it takes a lot of flakes to build a snowman and it takes a lot of patience & time to love yourself. You can do it!

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