Why I Will Always Love Harry Potter 

Lots of evening posts recently! But hey, Friday night’s start later, right? My attention span today is low so I keep getting distracted and not finishing this post. My brain is like “why don’t we look at vacuum cleaners online?” Yeah..I don’t know dude.

This post is not my best writing, IMO but I need to also fight some perfectionist tendencies I have…:)


Last Wednesday, I was on YouTube watching Harry Potter cast videos and interviews in the evening. The next morning, I woke up and was stunned at the news of Alan Rickman’s death because I hadn’t even known he was ill. I had also been planning on writing a post about Harry Potter that week anyway. To be honest, I was unable to write that post at that time. I became too emotional to write what I wanted to convey. I hope these words can at least say something.

I sort of grew up with Harry Potter and sort of did not. I saw all the movies when they came out and read up to book four. I liked them a lot but not as much as I do now. Fast forward to senior year of high school…I had a major falling out with my friend group and was left with virtually no real friends. I went from lunch in a big group, to lunch on a bench alone. I also had a group of younger girls who told me I looked “like a cow” one day. I was lonely and struggling with feeling really depressed, etc.

Somewhat on a whim, I began to read Harry Potter, starting from the beginning. It was (pun intended..) truly and honestly magical. The world JK Rowling created was so rich, real, and vibrant. I was able to escape my pain with the books. I read about Hermione who loved to learn and was proud of being “nerdy”, Luna who was unapologetically herself, Neville who overcame so much, Lupin who also felt like an outsider, etc., etc.!

What I love about those books is that they show how young people can do extraordinary things. Harry was still a teenager when he succeeded in finishing Voldemort! My life may be (sadly) without wizards, potions, spells, and hippogriffs, but I was still a young person fighting a mighty battle against mental illness. I saw that people could be broken down, go through trauma, be afraid, and make it through.

At the premiere of Deathly Hollows Part II, Jo said, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” and I cried realizing that Hogwarts had been my home during those dark moments as a struggling, confused, young teen who needed heroes even if they were “just” a story.


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