Thank You To My Lovely Blog Following Babes :)

I have hit 50 subscribers! (In addition to friends who read my blog from FB 🙂 thanks loves). That number may not seem like a lot to some people and I definitely do not have the number that some crazy popular bloggers have…I am still so excited about hitting this milestone. Honestly, I never expected for anyone to read my blog. I figured maybe a few friends might read a few posts…but that it would mainly be just for me. I started it on a whim, not knowing what I was going to write about, at the end of my treatment because I “just felt like it” and it has turned into something bigger.

For one, it has become a great coping skill for me. Since I have been away from school since 2014, I had not written anything since leaving school, and the part of me that loves writing was not being used. My mid tends to go in 1,000 different directions at one time. My thoughts sometimes run faster than I can process. Writing helps me to channel those thoughts into something coherent and calm my mind. Also, I have always enjoyed writing and I think it has been good for me to reconnect to it.

Sharing has been so healthy and therapeutic for me. I have always had a personality where I have wanted to make an impact in some way. I have always needed a cause to be happy. My biggest goal is to return to school and eventually get my master’s degree in social work and work with individuals going through mental health struggles. For now, this blog is the way that I try to spread awareness to others. I want others to see that this can happen to anyone. It can happen to your family member, friends, colleague, school mate, children, senior citizens, a stranger, etc. It can touch anyone, and unfortunately it has touched me.

Through blogging I have made some amazing connections to others. I have had others open up to me about their own stories. I have been told by others that I inspire them…and that means the world to me. I have given others support and I have received support back. To everyone who has shared with me and/or given me support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Simply – I am loving writing this blog and I am happy, excited, and proud that others enjoy it, as well.

Thank you, friends. ❤


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