Recovery and Inspirational Songs pt. 2

One of my first posts was a recovery/inspiration playlist. I have been meaning to make another one for a while now and today I am finally going to compile another one 🙂 Like I mentioned before I LOVE music and I find it so helpful in inspiring me to keep going. It’s a powerful tool for making me feel better or more positive. Some of the songs I am going to add to my list are Christian/Worship song, by the way. The first five songs will be general and the last five will be the Christian ones. So, here are some songs I like to listen to 😀

  1. You’re Worth It by Cimorelli – I highly suggest that you watch the music video for this song because it is really positive and inspirational. The song is fun and also powerful. The song talks about how you have worth just for being a person and that you matter. I love the positive nature of the song.
  2. Confident by Demi Lovato – This song is an upbeat, powerful, bad ass song about being confident. Demi asks the question “what’s wrong with confident?” I love that idea that we should not feel ashamed or uncomfortable with having confidence. Some people worry that being confident means they are being vain but really confidence is about being yourself. *note the song does contain a swear word and I know some people are not comfortable with that*
  3. If I Were Brave by Jana Stanfield – BM introduced me to Jana Stanfield and I love her music! It’s really inspirational and positive. The song has really great lyrics that are so beautiful. This is one of my favorite inspirational song.
  4. Stand By You by Rachel Platten – I love “Fight Song” by Rachel and this song is also great. It is another positive song by her and it is catchy and makes me smile. It talks about how other people will be there for you when you feel like you can not carry on yourself. We should all remember that we do not have to carry our burdens and plain alone.
  5. I Wanna Be Like Me by Sara Bareilles – This song is awesome! And not just because it is by Sara…hehe. Seriously, this song has great lyrics about how we have the right to be ourselves and how we are all unique. I love how Sara says that she does not desire to be different than others because her personality, looks, etc. are superior but because she is unique just like everyone else.
  6. Flawless by MercyMe – I am obsessed with listening to MercyMe recently. I got an iTunes giftcard for Valentines Day and I spent most of it on MercyMe songs! Flawless is one of my favorites. The lyrics says “No matter the hurt or how deep the wound is, no matter the pain still the truth is, the cross has made, the cross has made you flawless. The Lord loves all of us so dearly.
  7. Hello My Name Is by Matthew West – This is one of my favorite Christian songs. It is just really awesome. He sings about all the negative and hurtful things we think about ourselves, but then he declares that they are lies and sings “Hello my name is child of the one true king.” We are made by The Lord and defined by Him not Satan’s lies about us!
  8. Greater by MercyMe – The lyrics are beautiful and inspirational. The lyrics say, “And greater is the One living inside of me. Than he who is living in the world.” I think this song is great for someone who wrestles with comparing their self to other people or for someone who has been bullied. Always remember that God created us so we should never feel like we do not have worth. We are not defined by human words by by His view of His perfect child.
  9. Beautiful by MercyMe – The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it. How could I not love a song that tells me I am beautiful? It makes me remember that I am The Lord’s child and beautiful because of Him!
  10. Day One by Matthew West – Ok, so this is not a song about body image or feeling beautiful, but it is about our self worth. In the song it talks about how we always have a new chance each day to turn things around and that God will help us through everything. Love it!

I hope that this list can be helpful for someone who needs some good recovery songs or just songs that are inspiring to you. I would love to hear of new songs so please comment below if you have a song you like 🙂

I decided that I do not want to follow a posting schedule. I have never really been a strict schedule type girl. This blog is for my own personal journey and I was becoming unnecessarily stressed out with the schedule. So, that is where thing are at.



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