My Art Studio and Some of My New Art :)

I am so excited to write this post. For a while now, I have been wanting to show my art studio to you all. M was kind enough to allow me to convert an unused room in our house into an art studio. It is my own special place to be alone and paint. I have written before about how much art had helped me therapeutically. When I am struggling with urges to use a behavior I can paint and express my emotions that way.

I also have recent paintings I want to show.  Here is my an overall look at where I keep my supplies and works in progress.

   Here are my supplies. I buy cheap paint often. It works out for me fine since I am just a hobbyist.
   Here is the awesome easel I got for Christmas from my grandma.

 I also have an awesome sink down in my studio. Excuse the chunk of moss. My mom is a science teacher and she loves to arrange plants and garden.

I love my little art space and that I have it all to myself. I have made some paintings about my recovery that I also want to share. Both of the following paintings are ones that I have hanging above my bed. They remind me to keep going in my recovery. img_4846I made this painting a while ago and I have been meaning to share it. The tree is totally disproportionate but that really does not have to be a big deal. The rainbow colors are actually the chakra colors being represented. I just love this piece. img_4845This peace is very powerful to me. All those words inside the skeleton are how I feel when I am deep in my disorder. The words outside of it show how light and freedom come to me once I turn towards recovery. img_4839Here are the paintings hung on the wall about my bed.

love to paint and I am not the best at it but I enjoy doing it and that is what matters most of all 🙂



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