Nia…Moving Once Again 

Today I got the joy of seeing BM because I went and did Nia again. It is always great to get a big BM hug. She gives the best ones. Nia is a movement based workout that connects spiritually and physically and is such a fun way to move in a healthy and free way. I love it and I have missed it since I left program.

It felt SO good to move again like that. I have still been rebuilding strength since the hospital. I have been taking it easy and I did get a little fatigued doing it. I know I need to eat enough today to make up for it. But, I loved it. It felt so comfortable to do it with BM. She talked a little bit about the chakras and that made me think about my body’s connection with the outside experience.

I talked to BM about how nice to felt to move again post wheelchair. She told me “that is over now though.” She was great with reminding me that the past is in the past. It is over and done and I cannot dwell. Life marches on and so should I.

It felt nice to get out of my own head. I have been sort of self centered in thought recently and I needed to connect to the world around me. It felt good to…just be alive and to feel centered mind, body, and spirit.

I have been pondering for a while over the idea of becoming a Nia teacher. Although, obviously, I need to be healthy enough to do it. I am still struggling with reconnecting to healthy exercise/movement. But, it can be an amazing goal to keep me motivated.

Ultimately, I want to keep pushing myself to take care of myself. I want to continue to find ways to help myself feel alive and connected.


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