Quick Facts About Me :)

It has been quite some time since I last posted. Honestly, I just have not been able to think of anything to write about! I thought it might be a fun, quick, and easy post to write some random facts about me. I write a lot about my recovery, and I want to write about things outside of that. So, here are 20 fun facts about me –

  1. I eat Greek yogurt every single day. When I do not eat it my day just feels off. Usually, I eat it twice a day for breakfast and as part of my snack. It is just SO yummy!
  2. My guilty pleasure TV show is Dance Moms. It is just so addicting even if it is a reality show. Plus, I used to be a dancer, so the dancer in me loves seeing them perform.
  3. I have been a singer for my whole life. I joined the choir in elementary school and took the class until high school. I did private voice lessons from 8th grade to the summer before my freshman year of college.
  4. I used to be shy but pushed myself to become less shy. I am now even told I am outgoing! I would define myself as an extroverted introvert.
  5. I spent every summer at sleep-away camp from age 10-17. I met my best friend there, and she is like a sister to me 🙂
  6. Pie is my all time favorite food. My grandma makes the best pumpkin pie and one year she made a whole pie just for me to eat. My tradition is to eat it for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving!
  7. I only let certain people call me Lil and my full name is just Lily and not Lillian. Some people call me Lily-pad.
  8. I wish I were better at drawing, but I am glad I can paint decently enough.
  9. I have a random fear of ants. I think they are so gross and creepy! However, I once held a tarantula, and I would love to have a pet snake.
  10. I have traveled to Scotland, France, and England twice. My favorite city is London, and I want to live there someday even if it is only for a brief period.
  11. I would love to learn Italian and ASL. I took French in school, and I would also like to brush up on that as well.
  12. I hate being in cars. 30 minutes is my end point, and any longer drives me crazy. I love trains since you can move around more.
  13. My favorite books are Harry Potter, The Book Thief, and the Night Circus.
  14. My favorite movies are The Princess Bride, The Pixar Monsters franchise, and Lord of the Rings.
  15. I was a tomboy growing up, became super girly in high school, and I am now a mix of both.
  16. I have donated my hair three times. My hair grows really fast so it did not take too long to grow it back out. I only like my hair very short or very long. I think it looks bad medium length. My current haircut is my favorite.
  17. I used to be obsessed with The Sound of Music as a child. I would constantly listen to the soundtrack.
  18. I had trouble saying oatmeal as a child and pronounced it as oytmeal. Sometimes, I still have to think of the right word, or I still say it incorrectly.
  19. I cannot say statistics or specific, lol.
  20. I am happy that I decided to finally recover from anorexia and learn how to deal with my other mental illnesses.

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