Students, Candy, and Stitches, OH MY!

Today has been quite a day! I am now exhausted by how much that has happened throughout the day. I cannot really say it was a good day or a bad day, but it certainly was quite eventful!

It started with spending some time downtown in my city. I ate at Panera and then browsed around at some shops. I went to a candy store and got myself some treats. I also did some sketching in my sketchbook and read.

I then walked to the middle/high school to start my first day at my volunteer work. My junior and senior years of high school, I helped out a middle school teacher in her class called Lifeskills, and it was a lot of fun. Since I am no longer in treatment and not in school, I have not had much to do. Now, I will have time to be busy. It really helps me with my recovery to know that I am positively affecting people’s lives.

Afterward, my mom picked me up, and I went to see my psychiatrist. He is super friendly, and I really like going to him. I got to stop one of my medications, and I am glad that it is one less to have to take. I am so happy to have someone I feel comfortable talking to. However, I did follow my eating disorders voice somewhat. I let him tell me my weight. ED says that I need to know, and I also know that it is not a good idea for me to know. Now, it is going to be hard at times to not obsess over that number. Tomorrow, I see AAC, and I am going to tell her right away. I need to make sure she knows so we can process through why I chose to know and so that I can make sure I stay safe.

When we got home, I began to cut up boxes for Pepper to play in. Well…it was going alright and then I felt a sharp pain. I looked down, and I realized that I had sliced my finger open! It looked pretty bad so my mom, and I decided to go to urgent care. It was crazy there. First, I forgot my wallet in a hurry to get there, and mom had to race home to get my ID. Then, it was taking them forever to get back and see me. Finally, the doctor came in and looked at my finger. He immediately told me that I needed to get three-four stitches. Fun 😛 it did not hurt when he did it but now that the lidocaine has worn off it hurts so badly!

Right now, I am so tired from all the different emotions of the day. I am currently watching one of my favorite movies The Breakfast Club, and that is making me feel better. I am definitely going to do a lot of self-care this week with my stupid injury. I have a problem with pushing myself when I am injured. It is going to annoy me that I cannot use my hand as well as I will want to. However, I know that I need to be gentle so that it heals well. I struggle with self-care, so this will be a good time for me to practice it. I think I am going to head to bed early tonight!


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