NEDA Walk!

Today was the NEDA walk 😀 It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time. A NEDA walk is a fundraising walk for the National Eating Disorders Association. There was a really positive environment at the walk since many of us were celebrating being in recovery or are, like me, going through recovery right now. I found it inspiring to see so many fellow recovery warriors band together to speak up against this horrible mental illness. We are even stronger when we stand together!

The weather was so perfect today for the walk because at 70° it was not too hot or too cold. It was such a pretty day out, but I do regret wearing black leggings (haha…oops) since I did get a tad toasty at times standing directly under the sun due to a cloudless sky. There were a ton of dogs who were also walking. I nearly died looking at all the cuteness surrounding me. There was a corgi puppy, and I saw person after person walk up and pet the little baby. I pet her twice because once was not enough. I am obsessed with corgis. I am pretty sure most of the accounts I follow on Instagram are of corgi’s.

Before the opening ceremony, people walked around looking at different tables and stations. There was a TK table! I knew they were the main sponsor for this particular walk and it still made me laugh to see it. I ran into my friend KG and some other TK sisters who I had not actually met before. Even if I do not know the other girls we are all still part of the TK family


The banner and then M’s and my footprints


The poster (plus my shadow, it was very very sunny lol)


My reason! I AM going to recover to become someone who can help others! I will continue to fight because I know social work is my calling and purpose in life. 

There was also a table with different raffle items. It was crazy how many tickets some people bought! I suppose they really wanted those things. You could get a temporary tattoo or the NEDA symbol/recovery symbol painted on you. I got one in green since green is TK’s colour and I wanted to honor the place that gave me my first steps towards recovery. I have a love/hate relationship with TK and I also absolutely have to give gratitude to everyone at TK who were so loving and helpful to me! No matter my mixed feelings I met a lot of amazing friends there.


My arm with the recovery symbol in TK colours!

At the opening ceremony, the organizer of the event explained why she decided to hold the event today. She recovered from bulimia and is passionate about helping others and supporting NEDA’s efforts to help those with eating disorders. I love seeing individuals who are recovered being advocates since that is my dream 🙂 Then some girls performed a dance but sadly the music was way too quiet, and I could not hear the lyrics, so that was somewhat poopy! A girl from a yoga studio talked to us and then lead us through some warm-up stretches/basically poses. She talked about how yoga had helped her through her eating disorder recovery. I basically thought “Yesssss girl!” since I am also a huge believer in yoga for healing eating disorders. She mentioned things such as how you come as you are to your mat and that it is not about perfection but about reconnecting with your body. I am so glad to know others outside of IDC really understand the purpose of yoga in recovery.

We then began our walk. Our walk was hilariously short since there was not a lot of room where we were…seriously we just did one and a half laps around a track. But it was still great. Inspirational signs were lining the path and also quotes written in chalk on the ground. Every quote made me so happy to see. I had seen most of them already from Tumblr, and it was still really nice to see them especially since they were designed so cute.


One of my favorite bible quotes ❤


I am so in love with this quote! It is so easy to think that restricting and overexercising as much as I can make me strong. In truth, it only makes me feel emotionally and physically exhausted. True strength comes from continuing to fight, being the REAL me, and from Lord God!!

Post walk, I went with M and D to get some food at this very yummy restaurant that is only in the town we were in. We typically are not able to go there since the location of the walk is around 45-60 minutes away from where we live. I loved my food, made sure I hit my exchanges, and even let myself eat gelato. I am feeling a tiny amount of guilt right now from having it…and I also can know that there are no good or bad foods. It is just about moderation and making sure you have balance in your eating and in your life.

Basically, today was a fantastic day, and I am so happy that I got to go to the walk 🙂 My team raised $1,005!! I am blessed to have so many people who were willing to donate to support NEDA’s cause ❤


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