Self Care and a Needed Break

Typically, blogging has been my way to work through emotions, try to help others, spread awareness, and follow my desire to change the way we look at eating disorders. I love writing, and this whole experience has been so cathartic.

However, I am truly not being hyperbolic, when I say that I have just been through one of the most challenging and emotionally draining of my entire life. I am safe, and there is not a single thing to truly worry about if you are not the other people involved or me. Things will be worked through and taken care of.

I simply need some time to work through everything alone and with my therapist’s help. There are some great ideas and posts that I have been working on writing or completing. I am excited about sharing those posts with all of you. Also, I am unsure of when those posts will be published. I am unsure of whether I will be taking a hiatus or simply throwing in a few posts if I become up to doing so. This week, particularly the past four days, I have been feeling overwhelmed by maintaining this blog.

Right now, it is time for me to step away for a while and return when this does not feel like a chore. It is the time where I will let things happen as they happen instead of trying to push too hard and then over-exhaust myself. I need to get back to yoga more often, truly get some good sleep again, journal, pray, paint, and anything else.

The moral and lesson of this post is to emphasize to me and you to take the time to truly put your mental and physical health first.


Lil ❤

Prayers, hugs, and good wishes would be much appreciated. Also, my apologies for any typos in this quick post.


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