I Need Feminism Because…

Trigger warning for sexual assault/harassment. I just want to make sure everyone remains safe if they choose to read this.

Since the creation of this blog up until now, I have clearly defined myself as a feminist. That is evident by the title of my blog, “Life and Recovery – The True Life of a Recovering, Sassy, Slightly Awkward, Feminist 22 Yr. Old.” Identifying as a feminist is something I care a lot about, and I find a lot of ease in doing so. In 2012, students at Duke Univeristy created a social media project entitled “Who Needs Feminism” where participants stood with a whiteboard that read “I need feminism because…” Since 2012, this campaign has spread throughout not only the United States but to places like the UK as well. Although I do not have a whiteboard, I do have answers:

I need feminism because when I was younger, I was told that boys were teasing me because they had a crush on me.

I need feminism because when two high school male students sexually assaulted an intoxicated girl and posted it on social media, they only got short stays in juvenile detention. A female reporter commented on how sad it was that their “promising futures” were ruined, and the victim in the case received death threats after a news source violated rape shield laws.

I need feminism because even reputable organizations dealing with eating disorders continue to perpetuate the idea that these disorders are women’s diseases.

I need feminism because strength and weakness are not labels for any gender.

I need feminism because equal pay is not a ridiculous concept.

I need feminism because rape is rape regardless of what someone was wearing, whether of not someone was intoxicated, whether or not the individuals involved were dating, whether or not the individuals involved had slept together beforehand, whether or not someone had initially consented but then chose to withdraw their consent, and whether or not someone was aroused.

I need feminism because men are allowed to have emotions.

I need feminism because anyone and everyone should feel safe walking alone, even in the night.

I need feminism because four out of five children are afraid of being fat and 42% of girls aged 6-10 wish that they were thinner.

I need feminism because every 109 seconds someone becomes a victim of some sort of sexual violence. Every eight minutes that victim is a child.

I need feminism because science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are for any gender.

I need feminism because over 50% of transgender individuals experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

I need feminism because my sexual orientation has nothing to do with what I choose to wear or what my style is.

I need feminism because “I have a boyfriend” is often a better way to get left alone vs. “I am not interested.

I need feminism because when I label myself as a feminist, I can get written off and laughed at when all I am asking for is equality for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or ability.

I need feminism because I am a human being.

You may have noticed some changes around the joint! Yes, I did change the theme of my blog again. This one is definitely my favorite so let us all cross our fingers and hope that this one sticks. Are you all beginning to see just how indecisive I can be?

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