The Best of My 2016

Recently, John Green posted a Youtube video titled “The Best of My 2016” where he named all of the good things that happened in his life in 2016. This year has had some pretty terrible moments, and I really liked the idea of finding the highlights and reminding ourselves that lots of good things occurred. I wanted to do the same thing because it can be hard to remember the positives, especially when we are constantly bombarded with the unfortunate moments and events of this year.

Hamilton happened! I fully believe that music can change lives and Hamilton is such an amazing show. I absolutely adore the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda made an effort to have a diverse cast. Being cast in shows is difficult, and it is even harder when you are a person of color unless you are type cast. Representation matters!

NEDA Walk! Back in April, I went to a walk for the National Eating Disorders Association with M and D. It was a really nice time, and it was amazing to raise money for something I really care about. Thank you to everyone who donated to my team and helped us raise $1,000! I am hoping to go again this coming spring. I wrote a post about it, and you can read that here.

Becoming close friends with HF! I met her in 2015, and we did not really become close until this past spring/summer. She is incredibly supportive of me, and I really appreciate our friendship 🙂 I honestly do not know where I would be without having her constant encouragement and faith in me.

The opportunity to go to CFD. Alright, so this definitely is not a highlight because treatment is not fun at all. However, I am adding this to my list for two reasons. Firstly, so many people are unable to get treatment for their eating disorder or other mental health struggles. Insurance companies tend to be pretty terrible when it comes to covering eating disorder treatment, and I was able to stay at CFD for 5 weeks. Secondly, it was a really great program, and I learned a lot from being there.

Going to NYC to see Waitress! Waitress is a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by none other than Sara Bareilles. It was my first time going to a Broadway show, and I had such a fantastic time. I wrote a full post about it, and you can read it here.

This little blog continuing to grow! Thank you to every single person who has read any of my posts, followed my Instagram account @life_and_recoveryblog, liked my FB page, and been by my side as I have written about my crazy journey through life. In 2017, I am going to try my best to write at least one post a week. With that said, I would love to hear about any blog topics, suggestions, requests, etc. you have for me.





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