Where Have I Been?

Since the beginning of this blog, I have received comments about my openness and honesty. Well, it is time for another one of those posts. In December I mentioned that I wanted to try and start writing at least one blog post a week. That did not happen. Only one post went up during the entire month. So, what has been happening? Where have I been? The answer, I was struggling hardcore with my eating disorder, and it was beginning to take over my ability to write posts. I just spent a week in the hospital to help me get back on track with my eating.

I do not want this whole post to focus on my time in treatment. There were some highs and unfortunately a good amount of lows. Some of the situations were outside of my control and unfortunately damaging to the success of my stay there. I most likely would have stayed longer if things had been different. At the end of the day, my mental health was becoming worse and not better.

At the moment, I have begun working with a new dietitian, and I have increased the number of sessions per week that I have with my therapist. Our goal is to keep me outpatient and keep me out of treatment. That is not going to be an easy goal, and it is going to take a lot of work. I am grateful and blessed that I have incredible support from my treatment team and also from my support system at home.

With that being said, here is what I want to try to do with my blog. I know that I tried to do a schedule before and it did not least that long. This time around, I am going to try to have a schedule that is a goal but also flexible. To clarify, I would strive for posting according to the schedule and also there may be some weeks where some of the posts will not be written. I have a lot to do outside of blogging, and I do not want to make it stressful. I want to keep this as a fun thing for myself.

On Mondays, I am going to plan on doing “My Life Monday.” My life has a lot more to it outside of recovery. Monday posts will be about other things going on in my life or just fun posts. For example, I am planning on writing a post about my calligraphy/hand lettering I have been teaching myself. In fact, I have a new Instagram account called @tigerlilycalligraphy! Why the name? Because it reminds me that I am fierce and strong πŸ™‚ I also will be maybe doing posts about things like favorites lists. We shall see! I think it will be fun to write those posts.

Wednesday is going to be “Wordy Wednesday.” This day I will be posting about mental health topics, commentary on mental health related things, thoughts on other subjects, etc. Basically, this day will contain posts similar to my posts “In Defense of Trigger Warnings” and “An Open Letter to Joy Behar, Michelle Collins and The View – Eating Disorders Are Not Jokes.”

Thursday is going to be “Therapy Thursday.” Lol, at the name. I could not think of anything else. Basically, silly name aside this day is going to be when I post about my recovery from the personal perspective. It will be specific to my recovery. Most of my posts are already like that, I suppose.

There is the plan! I am going to try and stick to it but do not expect that it will necessarily be followed to a tee. I am excited to start writing more often! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts πŸ™‚ Y’all are wonderful ❀

<3, Lil





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