Recovery/Inspirational Music Playlist #3

I have already posted two previous playlists of songs I like to listen to that help me in my recovery. You can find them here “Recovery and Inspiration Playlist” and here “Recovery and Inspirational Songs Pt. 2.” I have recently come upon some new songs I love, so I have compiled another list that I hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. Miss America by Ingrid Michaelson (feat Sara Bareilles) – If you know me well enough then you know I had to sneak Sara in there somewhere! I have had this song on repeat all morning. The lyrics are all about not needing to be perfect or flawless and that it is ok to just be you, but they are presented in a way that is not cheesy or lame. I love it!
  2. Alive by Cimorelli – Cimorelli is a band who began on Youtube and their album Alive just came out everywhere on Friday! A lot of the songs from their album are going to end up on this playlist. This song is about deciding to continue on despite how painful things are. It talks about how numbing out pain does not actually help us and the idea of living vs. just surviving.
  3. One More Night by Cimorelli – This song is an anti-suicide song they wrote after one of the members was talking to a girl who was really struggling. They encouraged her to choose to live for one more night and to hold on a little longer. The lyrics say, “Everything will be okayEverything will be alright
    Say a prayer
    Close your eyes
    Please just give it one more night
    One more nightIt can be so easy to forget
    How quickly everything can change again
    Cause this moment you’re in now won’t last forever
    Yet somehow you’re not seeing clear.”
  4. Worth the Fight (also) by Cimorelli – This song is all about how it is worth it to keep fighting because our pain makes us stronger in the end. It is worth it to keep going because things can and will get better. Giving up is never the right choice because our challenges in life help us to grow!
  5. Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara – Ok, who does not love this amazing song? It is so uplifting, body positive, and talks about true beauty. Alessia is such an amazing role model who chooses to do things like not wear makeup onstage because she wants to show her fans that they are beautiful just the way they are.
  6. Old Ways by Demi Lovato – This song is perfect for anyone who has faced relapses in recovery and/or people who have had doubts about their ability to recover from themselves or outside individuals. We are all strong enough to keep moving forward and not give in to the old ways of negative behaviors.
  7. Quiet by MILCK – I freaking love MILCK so much! You might have heard this song from a viral video of women singing together at the Women’s March earlier this year. MILCK’s description from her music video states, “As a survivor of anorexia, abuse, and depression, I can say that I have let the overwhelming pressures of filling media/society’s expectations of ‘how a woman should be’ overwhelm and silence my inner voices – without even realizing I was doing it. Until… I just couldn’t breathe anymore. As I live more days on this planet now, I can say with full confidence that there are no standards or rules worth crushing our soul bones to fit into. Life gets better when we just… let it out.”


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