About Me

Hi 🙂

I am Lily (but you can call me Lil), a 24 year old who loves to write. I began this blog in late August of 2015. At the time, I was in treatment for anorexia, depression, self harm, anxiety, and PTSD. I began this blog on a whim, not knowing what I was doing, and it has quickly become a positive outlet for me while I go through recovery. Writing has become a tool for me to express myself and share my story with others.

One of my passions is decreasing stigma surrounding mental illness. Right now, writing this blog has been a big part of how I try to dispel stigma. My intention behind sharing my story is to help show that an individual who is struggling with mental illness is defined by much more than their struggles.

Outside of blogging, I enjoy listening to music (I am a huge fan of Sara Bareilles), spending time with friends, watching YouTube videos, and hanging out with my 2 year old chinchilla named Pepper.

Social media/contact information

Please, feel free to like this page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifeandrecoveryblog/

Follow my account on Instagram: @life_and_recoveryblog

Follow my account on Twitter: @life_n_recovery

Email me at: lifeandrecoveryblog@gmail.com


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