Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I have not posted since before Christmas, and for quite some time my posting on this site has been relatively infrequent. The days in which I posted several times in one week seem pretty foreign and unfamiliar to me. So, why did things change? I began this blog in 2015 while still undergoing treatment in PHP … Continue reading Why I Haven’t Been Blogging


What Does Recovery Really Mean For Depression and Anxiety?

Recovery is defined in the dictionary as, "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength." With a broken arm, recovery means resetting the bones into place, getting a cast, and letting the arm heal. With an eating disorder, it means stopping behaviors, potential weight management in one way or another, and regaining … Continue reading What Does Recovery Really Mean For Depression and Anxiety?


A little while ago I️ posted saying that I️ was back to blogging...and then I️ disappeared. That is because back in late October I️ went back to the hospital for help with anxiety, depression, and some medication management. I️ spent six days there and it helped me get to a safe and stable place. However, … Continue reading MAP PHP