Commonly Used Names & Terms

The People

  • LCM – This girl is my best friend and practically my sister. We met each other at a summer camp in 2009 and have been best friends since then. She is brilliant, gorgeous, and always cheering me on. LCM recently got her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and she is going to be an amazing teacher.
  • HF – She is one of my best friends and I love her so much. I can tell her literally anything and she does not judge me or think less of me. She just gets me and no matter how much I mess up in life she is always there to remind me of how great I am. We are both obsessed with Harry Potter so I can fangirl about it with her.
  • MB – I love this girl so much. She has been there for me throughout everything. We have gone through so much together and it has made us so close. We have the kind of friendship where we can just sit around and talk without being bored. She always helps me through our shared faith in God.
  • KBE – My former camp counselor my final year at camp when I was 17. She is an amazing friend and mentor to me.
  • Bro – My big brother. He is a “real adult” now since he has officially moved out and is living in his own apartment with a big kid job.
  • M and D – My parents
  • Pepper – My chinchilla child who is two years old. He is my little honey bunny and my best buddy. My friends and parents can tell you just how in love I am with him.

Treatment Team

  • AAC – My amazing therapist. She was my therapist while I was in PHP/IOP and I am grateful that we are also able to work together now that I am doing outpatient therapy.
  • BC – My most recent dietitian. She is a total sweetheart and helps me work hard to conquer my fears around food. Her best quality is definitely the fact that she laughs at my terrible jokes. I worked with her until mid-January of 2017.
  • BM – She is a yoga therapist who works at my former PHP/IOP. BM has been an amazing mentor to me and she has taught me so much. She is tough on me when she needs to be and also the kindest woman I know.
  • ES – She was my first dietitian at PHP/IOP. She was also a yoga therapist. She has now left IDC to live in Seattle. I have learned so many life lessons from her and she is such a wise woman. She helped me reconnect to my faith when my eating disorder tried to steal it from me.
  • Dr. P – My current psychiatrist.
  • PJ – My new dietitian I have started seeing. She is phenomenal and I have made more progress with her than anyone else I have worked with in the past. Every single day I am filled with gratitude for how I am able to work with her.


  • TK – The residential treatment center I went to for treatment. I was there twice once in 2014 and again in 2015.
  • CFD – The residential treatment center I went to in the summer of 2016.
  • IDC – This is the treatment center where I did PHP/IOP.


  • PHP – Partial hospitalization program
  • IOP – Intensive outpatient program
  • ED – Short for “eating disorder”
  • Behaviors – A catchall term for things like restricting, purging, binging, etc. as well as other non eating disorder related negative behaviors.