Three Years in Recovery

Yesterday, I returned home from a four-day vacation with my parents and best friend. Coincidentally and somewhat serendipitously, the days of my trip matched up with the days of my first stay in treatment three years ago. Three years ago was one of the lowest moments in my life. I nearly lost my life to … Continue reading Three Years in Recovery


Talking About Adoption

Since the beginning of when I began sharing openly about my struggles with mental health, even before I had a blog and was only posting on my personal Facebook profile, I have been told time and time again that my vulnerability is admirable. I have been told that my openness is impressive and inspirational. I … Continue reading Talking About Adoption

Eating Disorders and The Role Trauma Plays

My eating disorder began in high school, but it greatly intensified three years ago following traumatic events that occurred during my sophomore year in college. There is not one singular cause behind why I have an eating disorder. Genetics, depression and anxiety, a perfectionistic personality, struggles in adolescence with identity and sexual orientation, low self-esteem, … Continue reading Eating Disorders and The Role Trauma Plays